In-store experience

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In-Store Experience

Stimulate the senses


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The in-store experience has become essential. Retail outlets must reinvent themselves to deal with the boom in online sales. 

Customers need a new in-store experience. The objective is to surprise by offering a unique experience that stimulates the consumer's senses. 

The experience must make consumers feel emotions to make them want to come and stay.


Objeos-écran-innovant-innovative-screen-dooh retail

Unique experience

Yes, online shopping is quick and easy, but it's not as good as going outside to awaken your senses ! 

Today, the challenge of retail is to offer a unique experience based on the stimulation of the consumer's senses. 

80% of the stimuli we perceive are visual (source: Excel Place). It is therefore obvious that the sense favored by points of sale to attract attention is visual.

Brands have understood that it is now essential to stimulate the eye. Whether it's the colors, the digital supports or the spaces designed to create an immersion, brands never stop catching the eye.

The choice of colors and shapes determine emotions, so it is important to know exactly what message and content to send to the target to have a real impact on their desire to consume. 

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In-Store experience = innovation

As an innovative company, we understood the current challenge, the global context and the resulting need. To enable retailers to offer optimal experiential marketing and achieve their goals, we launched our 25 cm diameter spherical screen. 

This technology allows to offer a different customer experience from flat screens and less adapted content. With Perle 25, the content is diffused in 360° allowing an animation that attracts the eyes and the attention of the customers. 

By offering surprise and wonder, give your audience a new, unique and innovative customer experience



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